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Jennifer Cooke

My name is Jennifer Cooke I am a singer songwriter and Vocal Dj (Singing Dj) from the Netherlands.
I have worked with Freakduartz on one of my biggest performances so far Tomorrowland 2019. I was asked by Don Diablo to open his very first stage at Hexagon at Tomorrowland.
This was a big step in my carreer and a true honor!!
I needed to figure out what to wear for the event so
I reached out to Freakduartz because I knew he would know what I stand for.
Together we met up a couple of times to brainstrom about some ideas to create a creative outfit for the show.
It’s very important for me to show the world who I am and what I stand for as an artist. I stand for girlpower, equality and I am very proud of my roots being Gambian and from Surinam.
I told him that these things are very imporant for me to make something that will inspire peole by only seeing the clothes!!
I left it all in his hands and he made the most epic jacket I ever possessed!!!
Creating at the back my face with an egyptian crown and African elements and very big the future is equeal!!
So that no matter where I am performing I can always send out a message not only through my voice but alsog through my amazing jacket!!!
I think he is amazing in what he does and I believe he wil be very great big in the world with his creations!!!
I am very proud to have worked with such an amazing artist and hope we can do much more stuff in the future!!

Jennifer Cooke



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