A Tattoo is one of the most dynamic symbols of self-expression and spiritual guidence ever created.

Do you already know exactly what kind of tattoo you want? If not, I can help you. Let’s brainstorm together! Schedule a free intake and I will contact you in 24 hours.

Freakz Du Artz is specialized in realism, abstract and black/grey tattoos.

We work by appointment only.


Together we can brainstorm about your custom tattoo design. Sometimes it’s really hard to explain yourself in words. But there are so many options to trigger my creative mind. You can send me pictures, music or poems. Or just random words. Together we create the best artpiece for your body. Custom made, unique and most of all you.

Intake: €70.- [We will subtract the €70,- from the total tattoo price]
Tattoo price per hour: €100,-
Small tattoos: from €50.-

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