What are the 5 FDA Characters:

The Freakz Du Artz characters represent the usually misunderstood, the unseen, the creatives and the alternative. The ones who are given a superpower to see life differently.

The FDA characters represent chakras, energy points placed in different points in our body. Chakras come from ancient Indian philosophy and form the energy field that is responsible for your life force. With the right care this energy awakens your creativity and unlocked your own superpower.

Each character beholds this energetic superpower that gives a different point of view on the often old learned patterns. Renewed energy, understanding for the culture, collaborating and connecting with each other is what is needed in this new era in time. And that is what we stand for.

The Old Wizard - represents the Sacral chakra and turns your emotions into creativity.

Spiritual Panda - represents the Crown chakra that stands for knowledge.
With his ancient knowledge the Panda guides you through this crazy world as your true self.

The Funky Alchemist - represents the third eye which stands for awareness and imagination. With the use of the earth’s powerful resources the Funky Alchemist transforms you into the superhero you truly are.

English Gentleman - represents the Heart chakra that stands for love and compassion.
He uses his superpower to fight justice with the technology of the future and the knowledge of the soul.

Designer Pussy - represents the Solar plexus. This pussy creates from within and shines a sustainable light on your inner beauty to walk this earth with the confidence rooted in your identity.

Connected like a chain, unifying our strength..
Together we are the Chain Reaction
We are the people
We protect the culture
We are one.

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