Freakz Du Artz Academy

F.D.A Academy is a urban inspired school + creative lab based in Amsterdam. We provide multiple workshops + [online] courses + super days focused on the 3 disciplines; Tattoo, Hair-Art and Custom fashion design. And ofcourse we also create amazing private b-day, bachelors, babyshowers & corporate/team building workshops. Everybody from the age of 8, is welcome. Don't hesitate and send us a message!

Custom Fashion workshops

Learn to customize your own jacket, bag or shoe during the "Fashion Customizing" workshop. During the workshops you will learn how to create your own concept plan; the dismantling and development of a professional presentable end product, such as a denim or leather jacket, bag or shoe. You can participate in one of our workshops under the guidance of our artist Freakz Du Artz.

We provide the required paint types and other required work materials for this in the workshop. You will bring your own fashion item (Denim of Leather), that we will give a second life! The workshop is built up in 12 hours, spread over 6 weeks (2 hours a week). After rounding this complete workshop it’s possible to continue the course "X". This advanced course is focused on professional custom fashion techniques.

Introduction Workshop
Starting prices for groups with a minimum of 4 people:
18+ €35,00 per person. [Course of 2,5 hours = Bag or Shoes]
18+ €40,00 per person. [Course of 3,5 hours = T-Shirt or Jacket]
Under 18 [minumum age 8 years old]: 35,00 per person. [Course of 3,5 hours for T-shirt, Jas]

TATTOO workshops

Rezah aka Freakz Du Artz is an experienced tattoo artist, who offers basic tattooing lessons and encourages different apprenticeships to stand on their own two feet. The basic tattoo apprentice program is for potential hobbyists who are looking for an opportunity to develop themselves into a proffesiobnal "artist".

The apprentice program is based on a minimum of a 1 month's course, with the minimum of attendance of 3 lessons of 3 hours per week.
Prices per lesson of 3 hours: €60,50
Starting price per month: €726.-

Step 1: Introduction
What can you learn in general and in what steps will we do this?
Let's start with who are you? And what do you like?

Step 2: Moodboard
Think about the design, your style, colors and personal elements of the client.

Step 3: Sketch
Make a rough sketch of your idea on paper. Adjust the sketch where necessary until you get your idea to your liking. As soon as you are satisfied with your initial setup, there is already a "design". Congratulations! You can now proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Tattooing Basics - Preparation + Placement
Pre-treating the skin is discussed in detail during the workshop. First you learn how to use the tattoo machines on silicone skin.

Step 5: from sketch to final design

To follow this course it is a requirement that you have a feeling for drawing. anyone can learn to draw and sketch, but the more affinity with creating, the easier it is to learn how to use tattoo machines.

Step 6: machines work out the tattoo on the imitation skin (silicone skin)
The tattoo machines for working out the chosen tattoo design is very important. the choice of machines consists of: • the coil tattoo machine • the rotary tattoo machine.

HAIR ART workshops

F.D.A is also a hair artist for both black and European hair, mainly focused on medium to short hair. Think of trendy hairstyles such as shaved custom figures, texts, colors and hand-painted prints on the head.

Learn the basics: how to create a fade through, creating creative hairstyles, colors & concepts!

Hair Workshop [basic hairstyles/fades]
Bring your own material?; Yes.
Costs: € 37,50 per lesson
Duration: 2 hours per workshop [once a week, 6 weeks program]
What do I learn: you will learn step by step how the trimmer works and how to use it professionally, including maintaining and hygienic cleaning of your machine. Use of set-up combs & shearing techniques [fading skills]

Step 1: Introduction
Hairdressers Clippers with intentional combs nr 1- 4 and contour / beard trimmer

Step 2: Cutting
Hair cutting scissors. Normal and small size.

Step 3: Sketch
Fine narrow comb and medium comb

Step 4: Razor Blades
Razor blades and hairdresser's cape



1-6 Beginners and advanced. We also provide workshops for bigger groups on request.


Do you have specific requirements for what you want to learn? Please indicate this in advance so our we can help you learn exactly what you need!


Prices are different per course, please contact with your request and let's get creative!

Time of day

Most of our courses are between 11:00 - 18:00
We also provide evening + weekend classes. Please contact us for the possibilities.


Coffee, tea, water and a snack for in between.
Materials [Paint/Hair supplies/Tattoo supplies] (free choice)


For the Custom Fashion Workshop, expensive fashion items [sneakers/jacket] are not included in the price of workshop. So each student can choose if he/she would like to work on a old [bring your own] or new leather or denim item.

Private Lessons

Besides workshops, it is also possible to take private lessons. Under the guidance of our experienced customizer Freakz Du Artz you get explanations and help during private lessons with customizing your item. During the private lessons we will elaborate on what you want to learn. It is also possible to be taught specific techniques. The private lessons are useful caters to advanced beginners.

Prices on request. [For questions please fill in the form underneath, or chat with our team members via WhatsApp link]

F.D.A Experience

<>We provide for every custom request a amazing Freakz Du Artz experience. Need some team building or just some creative fun with your girls? We travel anywhere to teach you the newest techniques of Custom Design, Grafitti, Painting and Hair Art. We also provide creative lectures and presentations. Under the guidance of our experienced customizer Freakz Du Artz you get explanations and help during private lessons with customizing your item.

Prices on request. [For questions please fill in the form underneath, or chat with our team members via WhatsApp ]

All appointments are made online. To book simply click the " Make an appointment " button.